VLACK composite clubs have a guarantee in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Regulations. Only manufacturing defects that affect the structure of the product will be considered.

It should be clarified that the aforementioned Law refers to "any" property for use. In the particular case of hockey sticks, the useful life may end within the guaranteed period, since it varies between approximately 4 and 18 months. Some of the factors that affect durability are:

a) Characteristic of the user: age, sex, etc.

b) Playing surface: synthetic sand / water, cement, natural grass, etc.

c) Frequency with which the sport is practiced.

d) Mode of use: technical gestures used by the user and their quality. Despite the reinforcement that the sticks have in the impact areas, the excessive use of any technical gesture can accelerate the deterioration of the product.

VLACK composite hockey sticks have been designed and manufactured to be used on synthetic grass and natural grass pitches. In turn, all these products are reinforced with specific materials in the areas of impact and friction.

The guarantee will be effective only in cases where a manufacturing defect that affects the functionality and/or structure of the club is detected.

Claims related to:

a) Wear or detachment of cosmetic material.

b) Injuries or detachments caused by blows against other objects that damage the superficial layers of material. Hockey sticks are always exposed to friction with various surfaces and blows against other sticks, balls, etc.

c) Excessive wear.

It should be noted that wear is increased on synthetic grass and sand courts, which are much more abrasive than those of water grass or natural grass, damaging the product more quickly. This premature wear is not considered a manufacturing defect.

d) Air bubbles.

They are linked to the production process. Hockey sticks are not solid, they are tubular. More than 50% of the clubs generate them and of that percentage almost 90% do so in the first uses. The use of the product in this case is not affected and its structure does not lose any condition.

e) Relationship composition / age.

Cases in which the age of the user (player) does not correspond to the minimum recommended composition (see frequently asked questions).

Other clarifications:

- Due to constant handling, both the grip and the stopper are not guaranteed.

- Vibrations may be produced when falling to the floor or hitting hard surfaces. These vibrations are not faults and are totally normal. They do not affect the normal performance of the product at all and can occur from the first day of use or at any time during its useful life. Composite hockey sticks do not "crack" on the inside. Many times the detachment of internal fibers or problems with the stopper cause strange sounds and vibrations when hitting the stick. This is not a bug and it is a very easy problem to solve.

SHOOTHOCKEY reserves the right to analyze and grant or not the possibility of change.

It is essential to present proof of purchase, otherwise, the claim will not be processed, without exception.

If you made your purchase at any official distributor, you have to start the claim with them.

If the purchase was made through our direct channels (website, whatsapp, instagram or facebook) an email must be sent to the address INFO@SHOOTHOCKEY.com with the following information:

- Indicate order number in the subject of the email.

- Attach 2 photos of the entire product (one on each side).

- Attach the necessary photos of the affected area.

- Attach photo or image of the purchase invoice.

We will contact you shortly to indicate the steps to follow.

Technical reviews have a delay of 7 business days.