SHOOTHOCKEY , trade name of LOTUSMAGNOLIA SL , was born as an idea to bring to Spain the VLACK brand, well known in other parts of the world, very successful in Argentina, but not so in Spain. After emigrating from Argentina in 2019, where we were former field hockey players there, we started playing here in Valencia, Spain, and after a difficult 2020 due to the pandemic, with the need to undertake, plus the need to buy material to play , he took us to talk with the owners of the brand, lifelong friends of hockey in Argentina, who had just landed in Belgium, in the middle of the pandemic, where all of Europe would be managed, so after meeting and agreeing, we created society and we began to bring the products, starting with personal sales, visiting clubs, sponsoring players, so that over time we could start with the online store for the exclusive sale of VLACK products.

Today in 2022 we open our first store with VLACK.


We are lovers of this sport, happy with what playing generates for us and optimistic that everything can be improved, which is why VLACK fits into everything we set out to do as a business.